Hucast Casino review SharpGambler Birthday Report

SharpGambler Birthday Report

SharpGambler completed on 4th August the first year online. It’s time to look to the past and give some insights for the future.

It was a busy year with many ideas and projects to implement and to develop. Our main goal was to provide everyone with a trustworthy place with accurate information about online gambling.

We started SharpGambler one year ago with a casino bonus section with only a few casinos and soon we realize the need for a big improvement, the need to expand our online gambling information.

With that in mind we have gradually introduced new sections to the website in an attempt to cover all the aspects of online gambling to serve as a serious guide to all that enjoy gambling online.

Along the year we have developed:

  • Casino Bonus Section: with a bonus review for over 50 online casinos
  • Casino Reviews:¬†we have full reviews for 13 top online casinos so far
  • Casino Game Rules: We have a section dedicated to the official rules of six casino games
  • Game Screenshots: We added several screenshots taken from several online casinos, for different games and software environments
  • Free Casino Games: Right now we offer you 8 free casino games to play for fun without any download and registration needed
  • Articles: We wrote several articles about new game introductions, new casino launches, events, new promotions and bonuses, and tips and tricks
  • Forum: A new gambling forum was created to exchange ideas

On the next year of operations we will develop our website, introducing new features and developing the existing ones.

In the near future we will:

  • Restructure our poker section to fit the needs of all poker lovers with more information. We hope to develop this section to the level of our casino reviews section
  • Develop our forums. We want the forums as a means of exchanging ideas and advice and we will also run some special bonuses and promotions through them
  • Develop a new section recently introduced with mathematical analysis of casino games, casino reports, and spreadsheets for free download
  • Update all the existing sections with new information about the casinos already in our database

We also hope to increase the interactivity between us and you. I hope you register as a user in order to be able to post in the forums, write about your experiences, and much more.

With that said, we thank you all for your support and we hope to improve your online gambling experience.

A Big Thank You!