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Poker Pros Bio

Suzie Isaacs

Living in a beautiful home in Las Vegas, Suzie Isaacs is a pro poker player that is known to walk the talk and more. One of the most accomplished female pro poker players, she started playing poker in the days when she lived back in Atlanta, Georgia.

When she wins events, she likes tro buy herself gifts. After she won the Ladies Event at the WSOP, she bough herself a much loved gold pinky ring that is adorned with an ace of hearts and an ace of diamonds (her winning hand).

More than a pretty smiling face, this fierce poker competitor has the ability to be friendly and win the casino welcome bonus singapore at the same time.

The first casino poker table she ever sat at was at the Las Vegas Hilton and the rest is history. Born in Nashville, where poker was as popular as a snake in your bed, she managed to play and get really good before moving to Atlanta. She has climbed the long list of female players to the top purely on her poker playing skills.

Tom McEvoy

Tom McEvoy has been an affable player on the poker circuit since 1979. Well known for his devotion to the respect of the poker, he has earned a living playing it for nearly 30 years. Until the time he went pro, he was an accountant. McEvoy has written several books on the wonderful game of poker and has collaborated on a few of them with such well know players as Linda Johnson, TJ Cloutier, Max Stern and more. This dedicated poker pro proved his worthiness a pro by winning the WSOP Main Event for the first time in 1983. He has said that nothing in the entire world can hols a candle to winning the WSOP.

He now has 4 bracelets. He lives in Las Vegas and enjoys stamp collecting and fine foods. The last time we checked, he was single. He enjoys traveling and says his favorite stop in the world is Bore Bora (The Blue Lagoon to be exact). He likes country and western music and is seen playing poker all the time.

Johnny Moss

Known in the beginning as the Grand Old Man, Johnny Moss played the game of poker each day fro almost his entire life  or as long as he was old enough to read. He played all the way to his 89th year on the planet.

Hailing from the poker loving state of Texas, Moss was a staple on the underground poker playing scene all over the South. Even during the Great Depression, this guy was playing the game he loved. Legalities of this game were not going to dissuade him from playing the game he loved. He made good money then, so I was worth it to him.

He was the first to imply poker as a spectator sport, because of him, people wanted to watch anyway. The greatest heads-up poker event of all times is quite possibly the Fremont Streetevent where he played Nick Dandalos in 1949. This marathon event took 21 weeks to play.

Moss had 3 WSOP victories to his name. He would no doubt have won many more if the WSOP was invented sooner. Moss died in 1997.