Hucast Casino review Online Casino Payment Methods

Online Casino Payment Methods


FirePay is a FREE web-based account that is totally secure – your account cannot be charged with more than you choose to fund it with. Plus the transfer of money to your gaming account is immediate!
Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and online account activity statements and e-mail confirmation of purchases made are available.
Once you have a FirePay account, you will receive a 16-digit account number and an expiry date. Please note that the FirePay account number will appear as a credit card number except that the first four numbers are usually 6015 (e.g. 6015XXXXXXXX1234).
After funding your account via ACH or Bank Transfer, you register your account number as you would a credit card within the software and purchase as per normal off the casino banking page. Benefits:
24/7 support for players
Online account activity statements and e-mail confirmation of purchases made
FirePay is a free web-based account that is totally secure


No levies charged to utilize this method
You are able to request ACH online
This option is available to USA residents only.
Players will need to supply the casinos processing company the following
the amount they wish to deposit in a casino
their bank account number
the 9 digit ABA / Routing number of their bank
their full name as it appears as a signatory to the account
their type of account (Checking or Savings)
The Player’s casino account will be credited as soon as receipt of the funds is confirmed – this takes 8 working days. There are no charges levied for this method but the player must be a signatory to the account in order to utilize this system
In order to protect you and ensure that your cash ins are even more safe and secure you will be required to supply the following if using this option when receiving your winnings:
1. Drivers license (photo ID)
2. Recent Utility Bill (proof of residency) – not older than 6 months
3. Copy of Bank Statement

The Gaming Card

Gaming Card is a private credit card issued to the Internet’s most exclusive online gamers. There is unfortunately no online application for Gaming Card as all cardholders are invited by one of the supported casinos.
Gaming Card offers the following prestigious benefits:
1.A maximum daily spending limit of US$3000 per day
2.Fast payouts. Cash in your hand within 48 hours
3.Personalised service
4.Interest on credit balances over US$500
5.Free online banking statements
7. Wire Transfer
The minimum transfer amount for this method is US$500.00. All associated costs, subject to a maximum of 10% (ten percent) of the amount transferred, will be refunded as casino credits upon receipt of adequate proof of such costs.