Hucast Las Vegas tips Las Vegas Travel Tips Part 1

Las Vegas Travel Tips Part 1

If you’re planning to go to Las Vegas but your budget is quite limited I prepared some of the things you need to know before you go.

Not everyone is going to Vegas has a lot of money to burn in the casinos nanni are on a budget dropping by just to experience what the Sin City is all about and here are my seven tips for travelers ready to rock Vegas on a budget

-there’s so much to see and experience in this entertainment city that you don’t have to pay for book a hotel that’s near the strip to avoid the cost of taxis, if you find these tips helpful so far please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to lexico and now for more tips at the airport:

When you get into a taxi tell the driver you want to be taken to your hotel via Swenson Avenue and not the airport tunnel as the latter will cost you more for budget travelers the bus is most recommended to go around this desert city.

Getting the discount card could save you a great deal on attractions.

If you love shopping the outlet stores offer huge discounts right after a major us holiday.

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Don’t play a game, if you don’t know the rules. Because if you don’t know the rules, chances are, you’re just throwing your money away. But the cool thing about learning the games is lots of the casinos actually have free classes that you can learn the games in. They’re usually not at night. They’re usually early afternoon. But check those classes out. They’re free. They’ll teach you how to play craps, or a lot of games that maybe you aren’t familiar with. Also, if you are gambling, you should join the Players Club. The two big Players Club: there’s MGM and there’s Caesars Palace. They each have a rewards program. If you’re gonna gamble, you might as well gamble and get a few rewards points while you’re at it. That might give you free perks later, like free rooms, easy entrance into the buffets, maybe free parking at some of the properties. So, don’t miss out on that opportunity. The fifth thing to know, before you go to Las Vegas, is that Las Vegas is the desert.

And being the desert, you should drink plenty of water while you’re here, because it’s dry all the time. It’s dry in the summer. It’s dry in the winter. I mean, in the summer, it’s really, really hot but, in the winter, it can actually get really, really cold. If you’re coming in the winter, you should be bringing a jacket, because it can be cold and windy with low temperatures. But being the desert and dry, you wanna be drinking a lot of water, whatever season you’re here. And I will tell you, you should buy your water at a supermarket, or Walgreens, or a drug store. Do not buy your water at these casinos. These casinos will charge you an arm and a leg, and then maybe a second leg for a bottle of water. Like, I was in one of these casinos and saw a bottle of water for $6. You heard me right, $6. Now, if you’re playing the slot machines and you have the Players Club, you can get all the alcoholic drinks for free that you want to. But that bottle of water that’s non-alcoholic, that’ll be $6. Also, if you’re out and in the daytime, or you’re by the swimming pool, make sure to wear sunscreen.

The sun is very strong here in the desert. And the casinos are always super, super cold. They keep them air-conditioned. I think that they can store meat in there. But so, you may actually want to bring a light jacket, not for the outside, but for the inside. I often come to Las Vegas for conferences. And I’ll be in the conference meeting rooms for a couple hours, and if I’m in the summer, I’ll have to go outside to thaw out again, so that I can warm up, cuz I get way too cold from being inside.