Hucast Casino games How to Make Money at Roulette Strategy

How to Make Money at Roulette Strategy

With this strategy as with any strategy you try out it is important to set a limit for yourself and stick to it a line. That you’re not going to cross it’s very easy to chase your losses thinking that I’ve lost so many times in a row there’s no way that I’ll lose this next one.

Be in control of yourself and every bet will be a calculated decision and not a desperate donation to the casino.┬áThis strategy again uses the dozens or the columns pick a dozen and it doesn’t and place a unit on there. I like using five because it’s easy to talk through you have a thirty one point six percent chance of winning if and when you lose you’re going to follow this sequence for the following bets, when you lose a bet multiply your original bet by the next number in the sequence.

Here’s what it’s going to look like so we have our bed up. there one unit was gonna be five dollars here and we’re gonna start spinning and each number in the sequence is given to where you don’t have to double it you just have to put in enough money to make money on that next bed so if we lose this one which we do seven we’re gonna go by the next number in the sequence too so it’s gonna be a $10 bet so $10 bet is gonna give us a little bit more winnings than if we had just made a $5 bet but uh it’s as close as we can you can’t split up a unit and give five and a half dollars so we’re gonna give ten dollars on that time which we lost so next number is 15 and this is gonna give us just barely winnings.

If we win it that’s what each number on this sequence is made for and it’s another loss, so next number on the sequence is a so it’s gonna be a $20 bet and we’re gonna stick with the same dozens don’t go chasing dozens hoping for a streak of the same dozen just stick on the same dozen and it’ll come around to your turn eventually the dreaded zero, no problem next number six gonna be a $30 bet keeping track. We’ve bet eighty dollars up to this point so you gotta have a little bit of a bankroll in order to sport a few of these losing streaks that you might have nine is the next sequence and number in sequence it’s gonna be a $45 bet before finally came around to us that’s our winnings and you’ll see we made $10 off of that one so we’re gonna we’re gonna change it up I like to change a dozens once you win so you can’t keep it on the same one if you want to that makes no statistical difference but I’m gonna change it we’ll put $5.00 on the middle dozen and stuck the whole sequence over again now.

You have a winning you start back at the beginning one unit if you lose then you go to the next number, so the next number being to gonna go back to our $10 bet that results in at 25 its landing back on that original doesn’t so it would have paid to stay there but you never know that until after he rolls so 15s the next bit you she goes you’ll notice we’ve lost way more times than we’ve won we’ve only won once and we’ve lost. I don’t know about ten times now so far there’s a win so to two out of ten yet we still made $25 off of those two wins so stick to the system and it’ll treat you right how many losses in a row you want to go depends on how much money you’re willing to lose.

No matter what your bankroll though once you draw that line show self-control and don’t cross it I usually set my limit with this system at 7 losses in a row after that the amount I’m putting up just doesn’t really justify the risk that I’m taking if I lose the seventh bet I’ve usually made enough gains that I can still keep going without being setback that might be high for you it might be low for some find the limit that’s right for you based on your available bankroll.