Month: September 2018

Las Vegas Travel Tips Part 2

10 things to know before you go to Las Vegas, Nevada.  Often, I think of it as the entertainment capital of the world. That’s, I guess, L.A., but there is certainly a lot of entertainment here. So, the first thing we’re gonna talk about is that Las Vegas is big. Often, when people think of […]

Las Vegas Travel Tips Part 1

If you’re planning to go to Las Vegas but your budget is quite limited I prepared some of the things you need to know before you go. Not everyone is going to Vegas has a lot of money to burn in the casinos nanni are on a budget dropping by just to experience what the […]

Brief History of American Gambling Part 2

England banned any and all lotteries that were designed to support the colonies the colonists would have to find other ways to support themselves on the verge of independence the government once again found itself in need of cash General George Washington had a war to fight and the colonial coffers were nearly bare with […]

Brief History of American Gambling Part 1

Gambling in America has its roots in the soil of its earliest inhabitants those that lived here and those that gambled their lives on the prospect of a new world both would have a profound effect on how Americans view gambling. No people have embraced gambling more than the original Americans they experienced gambling as […]

How to Make Money at Roulette Strategy

With this strategy as with any strategy you try out it is important to set a limit for yourself and stick to it a line. That you’re not going to cross it’s very easy to chase your losses thinking that I’ve lost so many times in a row there’s no way that I’ll lose this […]